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A case of bilateral mammary abscess in infant

Natsuko INAZAWA1) , Toshitaka KIZAWA1)

Mastitis is rare in infancy, and few studies have reported mastitis in infants aged<2 months. Moreover, unlike its presentation in adults, mastitis in infants is associatedwith abscess formation in >50% of cases, and early diagnosis and treatment are important. We report a case of mammary gland inflammation in a 4-month-old male infant who was admitted to our department with high-grade fever and erythema around the nipples bilaterally. On physical examination performed at the time of admission, a fingertip-sized mammary abscess was palpated under the nipples bilaterally. We performed prompt incision and drainage of the abscess, which healed well without any sequelae. A careful whole-body examination should be performed for evaluation of fever in infants, and clinicians should consider mastitis in the differential diagnosis to ensure prompt incision and drainage of the abscess.

1)Department of Pediatrics, JCHO Sapporo Hokushin Hospital

Key words infant, mastitis, mammary abscess
Received August 2, 2021
Accepted February 24, 2022

34 (2):107─112,2022