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A case of purulent infectious myositis of the long adductor muscle with concomitant hip contracture lasting for 2 months in a 3-year-old boy

Taiki SATOU1), Kyoko OZAWA1), Hiroshi ASADA1)

Purulent infectious myositis (PIM) is a bacterial disease that is relatively common in tropical regions but is also being increasingly reported in temperate regions, including Japan. There have been very few reports regarding joint contractures following PIM till
date. Herein, we report a case of a hip contracture after PIM of the right long adductor muscle. A febrile 3-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital due to pain and limpness of his right leg. Contrast-enhanced hip joint magnetic resonance imaging findings revealed PIM of the right long adductor muscle with abscess formation. Incision and drainage were performed, antibiotic therapy was started, and methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus was later detected in the pus on culture. He was discharged on the 33rd day of hospitalization and continued antibiotic therapy until the 12th day after discharge from the hospital. After discharge, the patient’s right hip pain recurred, and the orthopedic surgeon confirmed residual hip contracture on examination. Hip joint rehabilitation was then suggested by the orthopedic surgeon and was performed by the patient’s guardians. By the 37th day after discharge from the hospital, the patient had recovered from the hip contracture, and his pain was completely relieved by the 54th day. As observed in our case, PIM can cause joint contracture and pain for a prolonged period; hence, orthopedic interventions, such as rehabilitation, should be considered for its management.

1)Department of Pediatrics, Sendai Red Cross Hospital

Key words purulent infectious myositis, muscle abscess, long adductor muscle, joint contracture, exercise therapy
Received May 28, 2021
Accepted October 28, 2021

33 (4):381─387,2021