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A safety study of mumps vaccine in Hyogo prefecture

Mototsugu YOSHIDA1), Takao OKAFUJI1), Satoru TSURUTA1), Hiroshi HACHIWAKA1), Jun IIO1), Masashi KASAI 1), Ken KOBAYASHI1), Tetsuya MOMOTA1), Chihiro YAMAMOTO1), Naoki KUMAGAI1), Takashi FUJITA1)

Mumps is an infectious disease that can be eliminated by vaccination, as humans are the only host for this virus. However, mumps outbreaks occur repeatedly every several years in Japan, where mumps vaccination is not included in universal vaccination. The main obstacle for universal vaccination against mumps has been the high incidence of aseptic meningitis after using vaccines made from Japanese strains. Some reports have described a reduced incidence of post-vaccination aseptic meningitis in younger vaccinated children (aged one year). To verify this, the Hyogo Pediatric Association conducted a prospective survey on the safety of mumps vaccination. The survey results showed that the total number of vaccine doses administered between January 2015 and March 2018 was 24,467 (20,541 first and 3,926 second doses). No adverse reactions of aseptic meningitis occurred. This survey appears to verify the safety of Japanese strainderived mumps vaccines when administered at a younger age.

Infection Control Committee, Hyogo Pediatric Association

Key words mumps vaccine, vaccine universalisation, aseptic meningitis
Received September 3, 2021
Accepted April 17, 2021

33 (3):211─211,2021