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Neonatal recurrent group B streptococcal late-onset infection associated with breast milk: A case report

Misato YOSHIDA1), Katsuaki ABE1), Noriko TAKEUCHI2), Naruhiko ISHIWADA2)

A 24-day-old girl was admitted to this hospital with recurrent group B streptococcal (GBS) late-onset infection. She was immunocompetent and born in full-term. As breast-feeding infection had been postulated as a risk for recurrence, her mother's breast milk was tested, even though there were no signs of mastitis. Serotype analysis and multi locus sequence typing (MLST) identified very similar GBS in her blood and breast milk, which were, in addition, mostly invasive and related to the highest recurrence rate of serotypes. Discontinuation of the breast feeding and appropriate antibiotics left the patient with no sequelae at the time of hospital discharge.
In order to standardize responses (including administration to mothers) at onset, and introduce maternal vaccination for preventing infection, an accumulation of cases is important.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Chiba Kaihin Municipal Hospital
2) Division of Infection Control and Prevention, Medical Mycology Research Center, Chiba University

Key words group B streptococcal late-onset infection, recurrence, breast milk transmission, multi locus sequence typing
Received November 22, 2018
Accepted February 26, 2019

31 (2):163─168,2019