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Clinical effectiveness of peramivir for influenza-infected children younger than 1-year-old

Yui ITO1), Atsuko HATA1), Takakazu YOSHIOKA1), Toshiro KATAYAMA2), Daisuke HATA1)

Peramivir, the only parenteral drug approved in Japan for use as an anti-influenza drug to treat children under 1 year of age, was administered intravenously to influenza patients under 1 year of age to evaluate peramivir efficacy and safety. The study included 74 hospitalized influenza infants under 1-year-old diagnosed using the rapid influenza antigen test at our hospital from September 2011 through September 2017. Of them, 67 patients were administered peramivir (10 mg/kg/dose) once. We administered two doses to 7 patients whose fever continued after one dose. We monitored the fever duration until fever fell to less than 37.5°C. Age, complications, and adverse events were studied retrospectively. The mean durations of fever after treatment and after onset were 18.7 hr in 71 cases of influenza A and 28.0 hr in 3 cases of influenza B. The mean fever duration varied from 12.7 to 23.9 hr in these 6 consecutive influenza seasons. No significant difference was found between groups. Biphasic fever was found in a 1-month-old child infected with influenza A: 1.35% of the total. Complications occurred: 3 cases of pneumonia, 4 cases of asthma, 1 case of croup syndrome, 2 case of febrile convulsion, 1 case of otitis media, 1 case of cellulitis, and 1 case of urinary tract infection. Adverse events included diarrhea (2.7%) and transient neutropenia (24%). Our conclusion is that peramivir can be used safely for children under 1 year of age.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Kitano Hospital, Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute
2) Department of Medical Engineering, Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences

Key words peramivir, influenza, neuraminidase inhibitors
Received March 13, 2018
Accepted February 14, 2019

31 (2):95─102,2019