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Infant pertussis that went into cardiopulmonary arrest: a case report

Yoshiko YAMAMURA1), Yuka MIHARA1,2), Keigo NAKATANI1), Kenji OKADA3)

Little has been reported on infant pertussis that rapidly progresses to apparent life-threatening events (ALTE) and cardiopulmonary arrest. A one-month-old pertussis infant is reported herewith, who was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest on arrival. She had had a cough and nasal secretion for four days before hospitalization, and poor feeding with suspected complicating apnea on her arrival at hospital. She had presented with grunting and hypothermia at a previous hospital and progressed to cardiopulmonary arrest on arrival at this hospital. She responded to resuscitation and her condition became stabilized by intensive care. Bordetella pertussis was isolated from her nasopharyngeal specimen and her illness was diagnosed as acute respiratory failure, due to pertussis-associated pneumonia. She was discharged on day 27 of the illness without sequelae. The investigation for source of infection revealed that the child was suspected of having contracted the pathogen from her grandmother, who had had a cough for two weeks before the onset in the infant, and from whom B. pertussis was isolated. As infant pertussis can easily become severe, and its symptoms are atypical, it should be considered as a cause of cardiopulmonary arrest, especially in young infants. Moreover, this case indicates that the elderly can become a source of infant pertussis infection, although parents and siblings have been reported to be the main sources.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Hospital
2) Department of Pediatrics, Kariya Toyota General Hospital
3) Fukuoka Nursing College

Key words pertussis, infant, family infection, apparent life-threatening events (ALTE), sudden unexpected death (SUD)
Received January 29, 2018
Accepted August 27, 2018

30 (3):252─257,2018