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Comparison of symptoms and acute otitis media between hospitalized children with human metapneumovirus or respiratory syncytial virus infection

Mika NUMATA1), Reiko TAKAYANAGI1), Yasushi CHIBA1)

Respiratory symptoms of human metapneumovirus (hMPV) infection in young children are similar to those of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection. Acute otitis media (AOM) is associated frequently with RSV, but there are few reports of AOM associated with hMPV in Japan. This study retrospectively analyzed the respiratory symptoms and frequency of AOM in 43 children with hMPV infection and 100 with RSV infection. These patients were admitted to the Pediatric Division of Tohoku Rosai Hospital from January 2015 to April 2016 and their illnesses were diagnosed by rapid antigen testing of nasopharyngeal aspirates. The hMPV was detected mainly from March to June 2015, with a peak in April. The RSV was detected mainly from August to December 2015, with a peak during October and November. The hMPV group had a higher mean age than the RSV group (2.7 vs. 1.5 years, P<0.001). Duration of fever was longer in the hMPV group than in the RSV group (4.7 vs. 4.0 days, P=0.03). Expiratory wheezing was more frequent in the RSV group than in the hMPV group (76% vs. 58%, P=0.03). AOM was more frequent in the RSV group than in the hMPV group (71% vs. 47%, P<0.01). In conclusion, a lower mean age was an important factor related to more frequent wheezing and AOM in the RSV group. Approximately half of the hMPV group developed AOM.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Tohoku Rosai Hospital

Key words human metapneumovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, rapid antigen testing, acute otitis media
Received January 18, 2018
Accepted August 3, 2018

30 (3):212─222,2018