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A case of Campylobacter jejuni bacteremia without enteritis in a healthy one-year-old girl and a literature review

Toshiaki TANAKA1), Masashi KASAI2), Yusuke ITO2), Keiji TASAKA3)

This study encountered a previously healthy one-year-old girl with Campylobacter jejuni bacteremia. She developed fever and was taken to the Hyogo Children's Hospital due to seizures. Meningitis was ruled out after hospitalization. However, since the patient showed signs of impaired consciousness, treatment for acute encephalopathy was started immediately. At day 8 after admission, Campylobacter jejuni was isolated from one of two sets of blood cultures. By day 8, the patient had already recovered, and did not require specific antimicrobial therapy. She was discharged on day 10. No symptom of enteritis was observed during the course of her infection.
Many cases of bacteremia caused by Campylobacter jejuni or Campylobacter coli are transient, but some are severe. In some cases, it is difficult to consider this disease from history or physical findings. The identification of Campylobacter species is time consuming, and they are often multi-drug resistant. In many cases, empiric antimicrobial therapy is neither efficient nor appropriate. To improve diagnostic efficiency for patients with severe infection, at least two blood cultures should be taken even if the patients are infants.

1) Department of General Medicine, Hyogo Children's Hospital
2) Department of Infectious Disease, Hyogo Children's Hospital
3) Department of Pediatrics, Nishi-Kobe Medical Center

Key words Campylobacter jejuni bacteremia, Japanese children
Received February 16, 2017
Accepted January 18, 2018

30 (1):45─49,2018