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Clinical courses of Kawasaki disease diagnosed after hospital admission

Atsuo SATO1), Hiroyuki SHIRO1)

[Background] The clinical course of Kawasaki disease diagnosed after hospital admission is not well defined.
[Methods] This study included Kawasaki disease patients managed at this hospital between April 2012 and March 2016. Clinical data on cases diagnosed one day or more following admission were retrieved by chart review. The clinical course and outcome of these cases were investigated.
[Results] Thirty five percent of all Kawasaki disease cases received the diagnosis after hospital admission. The median patient age was greater than that of reported cases in the latest national survey, and "suspected Kawasaki disease" and "cervical lymphadenitis" were interim diagnoses in 75% of the patients on admission. An average of 1.8 additional major symptoms subsequently became apparent, and the cases were finally diagnosed as Kawasaki disease 1-2 days after admission. One-third of the cases received the diagnosis and were treated as incomplete Kawasaki disease since they presented with four or fewer major symptoms. No cases had coronary sequelae.
[Conclusion] A substantial proportion of Kawasaki disease cases received a diagnosis after admission at this hospital, but timely diagnosis and initiation of therapy enabled prevention of coronary sequelae.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Children's Center, Yokohama Rosai Hospital, Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety

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Received March 27, 2017
Accepted July 31, 2017

29 (3):249─252,2017