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A case of Kawasaki disease with diffuse multiple pulmonary nodular lesions

Risa IKARASHI1,2), Hiroyuki SHIMIZU2,3), Yu KAMIGAKI2), Shuichi ITO4)

An 8-month-old boy who presented with five symptoms of the Kawasaki disease criteria, including fever lasting for five days, was admitted to our hospital. He showed decreased peripheral oxygen saturation at the time of admission. In addition, his chest X-ray and chest computed tomography revealed diffuse multiple pulmonary nodules in both lung fields. To promote the differentiation of nodular lesions, the patient was treated with immunoglobulins on Day 5 and Day 8 of his illness. He responded to the immunoglobulin treatment, and the lung nodules improved simultaneously. It was concluded that the diffuse multiple nodular lesions were influenced by Kawasaki disease.
Inflammatory changes in Kawasaki disease may lead to diffuse multiple nodules in the lung. They can be treated by administration of immunosuppressive drugs and infliximab; therefore, it is important to exclude the presence of infectious diseases.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Yokohama Medical Center
2) Children's Medical Center, Yokohama City University Medical Center
3) Department of Infection Prevention and Control, Yokohama City University Medical Center
4) Department of Pediatrics, Yokohama City University school of medicine

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Received May 23, 2016
Accepted December 5, 2016

28 (4):265─270,2017