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Clinical investigation of hospitalized gastroenteritis patients with adenovirus and rotavirus antigen-positive feces

Fumihiko HATTORI1), Naoko NISHIMURA1), Hiromi HIBINO1), Masahiro KAWAGUCHI1), Suguru TAKEUCHI1), Kazuhiro HORIBA1), Kensei GOTOH1), Haruki HOSONO1), Koji TAKEMOTO1), Takao OZAKI1)

Clinical features were compared between 28 gastroenteritis patients with adenovirus antigen-positive (AdV (+) ) and 178 gastroenteritis patients with rotavirus antigen-positive (RV (+) ) feces who were admitted to our pediatric department between April 2012 and March 2014. Only 2 of the patients with AdV (+) gastroenteritis had been vaccinated for RV. AdV (+) gastroenteritis accounted for 6% of all the patients hospitalized with infectious gastroenteritis (478 patients), and seasonal variation was not observed. RV (+) gastroenteritis accounted for 37% of the patients hospitalized with infectious gastroenteritis, and 92% of the cases (164 patients) occurred from January to May. The age of the patients with AdV (+) gastroenteritis ranged from 3 months to 8 years and 11 months (median: 16 months), whereas that of patients with RV (+) gastroenteritis ranged from 20 days to 14 years and 8 months (median: 23 months). No significant age difference was observed between the two groups. The incidence (%) of major symptoms of AdV (+) gastroenteritis/RV (+) gastroenteritis was as follows: diarrhea 100/100, pyrexia (≥37.5°C) 89/97, vomiting 54/94 (p<0.01), electrolyte abnormalities 25/24, elevated AST or ALT 21/51 (p<0.01), elevated BUN 4/25 (p<0.05), and hypoglycemia 4/11. Four patients with AdV (+) gastroenteritis developed seizures (14%) and 1 had intussusception (4%), whereas seizures occurred in 14 patients with RV (+) gastroenteritis (8%) but intussusception was not observed. Although AdV (+) gastroenteritis was less severe than RV (+) gastroenteritis, complications such as seizures and intussusception require attention.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Konan Kosei Hospital

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Received March 30, 2015
Accepted September 16, 2015

27 (4):271─278,2016