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A case of pelvic inflammatory disease caused by gonorrhea infection through non-sexual contact

Soya KOBAYASHI, Tomoyuki TSUNODA, Kentaro IWASAWA, Manari OIKAWA, Tsuyoshi SOGO, Ayano INUI, Tomoo FUJISAWA

An 8-year-old girl developed pelvic inflammatory disease caused by a gonorrhea infection. She had fever, abdominal pain and vaginal discharge. A vaginal culture was negative for Neisseria gonorrhoeae (N. gonorrhoeae). However, N. gonorrhoeae was detected in the uterine cervix by specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR). She was diagnosed with gonococcal peritonitis. Clinical symptoms subsided promptly after the administration of tazobactam/piperacillin. In order to identify the source of the infection, throat culture (all), vaginal culture (female) and specific PCR assay (male: urine, female: uterine cervix swab) were performed on all members of her household. None of them except a 16-year-old sister showed positive results from bacterial culture or PCR assay. The throat and vaginal culture of the sister were positive for N. gonorrhoeae. However, the sequence analysis of N. gonorrhoeae showed that she had been infected with a different strain. The source of gonorrhea infection remained unclear in this case; therefore, genetic analysis including PCR and sequencing was needed to investigate the precise cause of transmission.

Department of Pediatric Hepatol & Gastroenterol, Saiseikai Tobu Hospital

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Received October 22, 2014
Accepted February 26, 2015

27 (1):23─28,2015