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A case of term neonate developed early sepsis caused by Corynebacterium striatum


This study reports the first case of neonatal sepsis caused by Corynebacterium striatum in neonates. The weight of the male patient at birth was at 3,258 g after 38 weeks and 5 days gestation. He had neonatal asphyxia, and ampicillin/sulbactam was administered for 7 days due to elevated CRP. On day 2, C. striatum was detected in his blood, and on his skin and pharynx, as well as vaginal cultures from his mother. Clinical improvement was achieved after intravenous antibiotics. The patient was discharged on day 13 without clinical sequelae on MRI investigation. Histhopathology of the placenta and cord showed chorioamnionitis and funisitis (Stage III). Non-diphtheria Corynebacterium species were regarded as having little pathogenicity until recent reports indicated that this group of organisms may be an important cause of nosocomial infections, such as pneumonia and catheter related infections. This report highlights the growing need to consider the possibility of Corynebacterium species as a causative organism for neonates.

Department of Pediatrics, Iwata City Hospital

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Received April 1, 2014
Accepted May 13, 2014

26 (3):359─363,2014