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Clinical characteristics of patients with candidemia in children -a single center experience-

Takanori FUNAKI1), Katsushi ISHIDA2), Satoyo WAKAI2), Isao MIYAIRI1)

Evaluation of candidemia in children is limited in Japan. This study retrospectively investigated clinical characteristics of candidemia in children at a single institution. All 27 patients (median age: 51 months) had underlying disease and forty-one percent of them received immunosuppressants including corticosteroids. Candida parapsilosis (n=15) was the most common pathogen, followed by Candida albicans (n=6) and Candida tropicalis (n=2). Patients diagnosed with candidemia, due to non-albicans, were more likely to have received antifungal prophylaxis, when compared to those with candidemia, owing to Candida albicans. Persistent candidemia (>3 days) was associated with worse outcome and found to be an independent factor that contributed to outcome by multivariate analysis (p=0.010). Further nationwide evaluation and surveillance of candidemia in children are needed.

1) Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medical Subspecialty, National Center for Child Health and Development
2) Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine, National Center for Child Health and Development

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Received January 30, 2014
Accepted April 9, 2014

26 (2):247─255,2014