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Toxic shock syndrome caused by SEA positive MSSA in 16 years old man with chromosomal abnormality

Noriko KINOSHITA1,2), Anri HAYASHI1), Masao NARUMIYA1)

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) occurred in a 16 years old man with chromosome abnormality. The case diagnosed from blood culture, due to SEA-positive MSSA has rarely been reported in this national children example. His medical examination revealed an unusually elevated temperature, frequent diarrhea and possible TSS due to decreased peripheral circulation, acute renal failure, and a skin rash. The patient improved quickly due to the immediate administration of antibiotics. Children with a serious psychosomatic disorder such as a chromosome abnormality have many opportunities to consult a medical institution, and easily become a carrier of MSSA and MRSA. When children have a serious psychosomatic disorder, it is not easy for them to describe their condition and it is difficult for their health care professional to determine their symptoms. So, TSS should always be considered when these children have unusaually elevated temperature.

1) Nagahama Red Cross Hospital
2) Takashima Municipal Hospital

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Received October 1, 2012
Accepted January 30, 2013

25 (1):29─33,2013