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Pathogens of apnea related to respiratory infection in infants

Hideo OKUNO1), Takeshi INOUE1), Jyunichi ISHIKAWA1), Kiyoko AMO1), Masao TOGAWA1), Masashi SHIOMI2)

Respiratory infection is a known cause of apnea in infants in addition to prematurity and central nerve system disorders. Respiratory syncial virus (RSV) and Bordetella pertussis are well-known pathogens that cause apnea in infants; however, other viral infection can also cause apnea. Thirteen infants were evaluated with apnea related to respiratory infection. The ages of the patients were from nine days to seventy seven days (median age: 35.0 days). The pathogens were RSV in five cases (38.5%), rhinovirus (RV), Bordetella pertussis in three cases (23.1%) and human parainfluenza virus type 3 (HPIV-3) in two cases (15.4%). Mechanical ventilation was required in five cases for RV in three cases and RSV, Bordetella pertussis in one case, respectively. RV and HPIV-3 can cause apnea in infants. RV, especially, is a significant pathogen because it can cause a critically ill condition.

1) Department of Pediatric Emergency, Osaka City General Hospital
2) Department of Pediatrics, Aizenbashi Hospital

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Received May 1, 2012
Accepted July 17, 2012

24 (3):285─289,2012