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A case of thyroid storm with Yersinia enterocolitica bacteremia

Akihiro HOSHINO, Kazushige DOBASHI, Syunsuke SAKURAI, Koji MORITA, Kazuo ITABASHI

A thirteen-year-old girl had symptoms of hyperthyroidism for one month. She had not been diagnosed with Graves'disease before admission. The patient was referred to our hospital with hyperpyrexia, tachycardia and diarrhea. She subsequently was diagnosed with thyroid storm. Yersinia enterocolitica was detected from her blood and stool cultures. This young woman responded well to medical treatment for sepsis and thyroid storm. This is a first report of thyroid storm secondary to Yersinia enterocolitica bacteremia.

Department of Pediatrics, Showa University School of Medicine

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Received December 8, 2011
Accepted April 27, 2012

24 (3):258─262,2012