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A pediatric patient with spinal epidural abscess treated only by intravenous antibiotics

Akihiro HOSHINO, Yuko SATO, Kazuhiko MATSUHASHI, Tetsuomi SUZUKI, Katsuhiko YAMAGUCHI, Yutaka SATO

An eight-year-old girl was referred to our hospital with hip pain and fever. She was diagnosed with spinal epidural abscess based on enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Her complaint improved immediately after she received intravenous antibiotics. She was treated conservatively without operation because she did not suffer from neurologic defect. The clinical course was good, and she left the hospital without any signs of neurologic sequelae. Although pediatric patients are treated surgically in many cases, conservative therapy with intravenous antibiotics may be appropriate for some patients.

Department of Pediatrics, Machida Municipal Hospital

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Received August 9, 2010
Accepted January 20, 2011

23 (2):130─134,2011