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Clinical evaluation of the improved test for the detection of mumps IgM antibodies using with enzyme immunoassay

Toshiaki IHARA1), Takashi NAKANO1), Hitoshi OCHIAI2), Masahiro WATANABE3)

Mumps-IgM EIA test has been improved to decrease the incidence of nonspecific positive results and to correlate the detection of serum IgM antibody with the clinical course. The improved mumps-IgM EIA test was evaluated using sera and saliva specimens from 201 individuals with acute parotid swelling. Mumps IgM antibody was not detected in 14 serum samples with the improved test; these sera measured weakly positive (1.2-2.4 Antibody Indexes) with the present test. Although the detection specificity increased and the sensitivity decreased using the new test in the unvaccinated and vaccinated groups compared to viral isolation from saliva in the acute phase, decreased sensitivity could be acceptable for clinical diagnosis. These results suggested that the new mumps-IgM EIA test might be well correlated with the clinical course.

1) Department of Pediatrics, Mie National Hospital, National Hospital Organization
2) Ochiai Pediatric Clinics
3) Suzuka Pediatric Clinics

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Received June 17, 2010
Accepted December 16, 2010

23 (2):123─129,2011