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Antibody examination: the purpose, the results, and the next steps

Toshiaki IHARA

According to the manners of serum dilution, two methods of detecting the antibodies are present. One is that the serially two-fold diluted sera are used, and the other is that sera are used after settled dilution. World Health Organization recommends antibody titers are represented by international units (IU) for comparison with the titers detected by different methods. Antibody examination is widely used to make diagnosis of infectious diseases and to detect seropositivity. The positive titers, symptom preventable titers, and infection preventable titers are different in each infectious disease. The symptom preventable titers are indicated to prevent the diseases by vaccination.

Department of Pediatrics, National Hospital Organization, Mie National Hospital

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Received January 1, 1970
Accepted January 1, 1970

23 (1):89─95,2011