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A childhood case of septic arthritis caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 14

Tetsuo Shoda, Atsushi Isozaki

An 18 months old boy visited our emergency department because of fever with limping gait. He was admitted to our hospital suspected of septic arthritis of left hip joint. The abscess was urgently removed by surgical procedures by the orthopedic surgeon. Streptococcus pneumoniae was isolated from both the blood and the drained fluid culture. The isolated organism was serotype 14 and has pbp1a+pbp2x gene mutation. Although pneumococcal septic arthritis in childhood is relatively rare, it is an important organism because of increasing prevalence of antimicrobial resistance. Data accumulation of S. pneumoniae in septic arthritis is essential in light of the vaccine introduction in the future.

Department of Pediatrics, Yokohama City Minato Red Cross Hospital

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Received January 21, 2009
Accepted April 7, 2009

21 (2):107─111,2009